Saturday, 4 September 2010

My Love Boat . . . ALL ABOARD!

I am bursting with excitment. My Love Boat DVD arrived in the post this morning from Amazon. This was one of my favorite television shows as a child and I'm delighted it's finally available on DVD. Well actually, it's been available since 2008, I'm not so up to scratch on DVD releases as I'd like to be. Anyway, I think I'll put on my best floppy sun hat, grab a pina colada and board ship with the gallant crew of the Pacific Princess. Interestingly this lighthearted series was the idea of hugely successful producer Aaron (Tori's dad) Spelling. Each week a new set of passengers would board the Pacific Princess (The Love Boat) and viewers would sail with them from California to Mexico and back, getting caught up in their adventures and romance. What made The Love Boat so wonderful was the casting of well-known actors in guest starring roles, with many famous film stars of yesteryear making rare television appearances. Although it wasn't the first series to use the all-star cast format, The Love Boat did perfect the genre for future shows. The now legendary crew aboard The Love Boat also contributed to the success of the long running series, 1977 to 1986. Gopher, Julie, Isaac, Vicki, Dr. Adam Bricker and Captain Merrill Stubing are now cemented in television history. Each week they would try their best to please the passengers and sometimes helped them fall in love. Things were not always so easy aboard The Love Boat, but in the end love always wins and everybody leaves the dreamboat satisfied. Now I can't leave this blog without mentioning The Love Boat theme song - THE BEST television theme song EVER! Come on, sing along with me ♪♫ Love. Exciting and new. Come aboard. We're expecting you . . . ♪♫

The Love Boat Opening (Watch VIDEO Here)

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