Monday, 31 May 2010

Nothing Like An Ostrich Burger

Well I'm still recovering from Birmingham Pride and I'm off all alcohol . . . until the weekend. I think the only reason I'm not in a worse state is because of an Ostrich. Yep! that feathered - head in sand - giant bird absorbed all the booze from my belly. Of course he was in the form of a rather tasty burger seasoned with pepper and sage. I can't believe I actually ate an Ostrich burger, my first. I came a cross a gentleman selling them and other exotic meets from a rather fabulous stand at Birmingham Pride over the weekend and I thought I'd give them a try. I have to say his Ostrich burgers were delicious, so much so I went back for another. So what does Ostrich taste like . . . why beef of course.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Birmingham Gay Pride Review

Yes that really is me with Same Difference, the happiest people on earth. The brother sister act and former X-factor contestants were performing on the main stage yesterday at Birmingham's Gay Pride. They were just a few of the cheesy but crowd pleasing acts I met back stage at the event. I spent most of my time throwing back Stella Artois in the beer tents and dancing near the main stage. The highlight for me definitely had to be Melissa Totten 'THE' best Madonna impersonator on the planet, and definitely the crowds favorite. She belted out all the best Madonna hits - 100% hands in the air stuff. As the day moved on I was thankful for the sunshine and all those who brought me drinks. We later moved on to the Village Inn, then the Eden Bar for a mix of Pop! and 80's tunes. It was here, somewhere in the wee hours of the morning that I realised my dancing feet had had enough. So off I went, stuffed into a mini cab with hot dog and tinnitus ringing in my ears. All in all, I really enjoyed my first ever Birmingham Gay Pride and I can't wait for the next one.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Birmingham Gay Pride 2010

I've got my sunblock on, my shorts, my shades and I'm slipping into my camouflage flip flops as a type. I have about half an hour before I need to meet friends in Birmingham city centre for this years Gay Pride festivities which take place today and tomorrow. I can't wait, I'm really looking forward to seeing old friends and some downright cheesy Pop acts. I have no doubt I'll be partaking in a lot of drinking and tent dancing. I'll try and write about my weekends highlights tomorrow, no hangover permitting. I hope to see you all at this years Birmingham Gay Pride, should you be in town. You can check out all of the weekends events, parade route and main stage lineup by clicking on the site below.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Some Good Vibes

There's a small handful of films that should have been so much bigger than they actually were. One such film is Vibes, a 1988 romcom starring Cyndi Lauper and Jeff Goldblum. Can you remember it? Probably not. That's because it was a massive box office flop that struggled to find global distribution, not to mention it was a bit crap. Vibes was so bad that it was great. So what's it about . . . well, it's about a ditzy psychic called Sylvia Pickles (the best name for a female character LIKE EVER) played by Lauper who meets an equally odd Nick (Goldblum) who's also a psychic. Together they travel to the Ecuadorian Andes to find the "Source Of Psychic Energy". Yes, THE "Source Of Psychic Energy". I had no idea there was one. Are you hooked yet? Probably not. The film did have it's moments, and a supporting cast of Peter Falk (Columbo) playing a con man, and Julian Sands (A Room With A View, Warlock) who provides a bit of tension as the films main villain. Vibes is somewhat of a cult hit and worth the watch just for Cyndi Lauper. OH! I forgot to mention, it's only available on VHS. Shall we start a petition here to get Vibes a DVD release then? Watch the trailer below and let me know what you think.

Vibes Movie Trailer

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Coffee Escapism at the Algerian Coffee Stores

Heaven has always been a place where I can get a decent cup of coffee and today I just couldn't resist dropping into my favorite coffee shop. I have been a regular at the Algerian Coffee Stores in London's Soho for more than ten years now - one hell of a caffeine addiction, not to mention a lot of pounds spent on beans. Money well spent!
Today I picked up my favorite blend, Velluto Nero, flavored with vanilla and cinnamon and I immediately shoved my nose into the little paper bag for a sniff. Heaven then pleased my senses. These aromas are what I love about the Algerian Coffee Stores you can smell thmem pouring out of the stores walls, floating down Old Compton Street. You can't help but be lured in. The Algerian Coffee Stores don't just sell over a hundred varieties of coffee and tea, they also sell a variety of accessories including caffettiera/macchinetta pots, the best and only way to brew a great cup of coffee. They also stock confectioneries to go with your coffee, traditional cups, gift tins and anything else coffee or tea related. So if you're a coffee lover like me and you happen to be in Soho looking for that little bit of heaven, you now know where to go.

Algerian Coffee Stores
52 Old Compton Street
Tel: 020 7437 2480

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Out of Words & Coffee

Apologies for not posting anything here yesterday. I'm afraid I had one of those days where absolutely nothing happened to me, no tale to tell. I spent most of my day at my computer writing and eight hundred word feature followed by another, approximately four hundred words. I was typed out by the end of the day - out of ideas, thoughts and coffee. COFFEE! the soul purpose of living and the only thing that gets me through a writing day, not good when my little coffee tin is empty. Today is a new day and I'll be venturing out into London to buy bulk bags of flavored coffee from the Algerian Coffee Stores in Soho, so I'll be back with you tomorrow.


Monday, 24 May 2010

The Girls Are Back - Sex & The City 2

The movie event of the year is almost here. Only four days and counting until the girls of Sex & The City are back. Are you as excited as I am? Of course you are. Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte are about to make a spectacular return to cinema screens in the eagerly anticipated Sex & The City 2 sequel. This time the girls jet off to Abu Dhabi for some sun-drenched Arabian adventures, and I can't wait to join them. I have no doubt that my four favorite women on film will set the sand dunes alight with glamour and a lot of cocktail sipping. Not long now.

I downloaded the Sex & The City 2 Soundtrack today, and I'm loving it. I'm really into Arabic music so this soundtrack is right up my street. It's crammed with eastern beats from Natacha Atlas to the original score - and Oh yes! that Liza version of Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It). Which by the way is both fantastically camp and horribly wrong. Poor old Liza, she seems to be suffering a Whitney style vocal breakdown here. Nonetheless I do recommend you grab a copy of this for your iPod. Do let me know hat you think of both the film and the soundtrack here, and check out some of the brilliant stills I have posted from the film. I've also included the link to the official website so you can watch the trailer, should you be the only person on earth that hasn't seen it by now.

Sex & The City 2 opens globally this Thursday, May 27

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Dreaming Of Dairy Queen

If you are like me, and not originally from the UK, then you know what it's like to miss things from your homeland. Things such as familiar brands, foods, beverages, music and television shows. Every know and then you wish you could get your hands on such things, blissfully reminising. The reality is, for that moment of wanting something familiar from home, you can't have it. It's not like you can walk into a corner store and buy it. Non the less, this doesn't stop you from wanting it.

Today as I walked to the gym I had such a wanting. Weighed down by my back pack, low on water and dripping in this ridiculous heat wave - I wanted Ice Cream - from Canada. Now, you are probably asking yourself, 'what's wrong with the Ice Cream here in the UK.' Well . . . nothing. It's just that the long walk to my gym and the heat had me dreaming of Dairy Queen. No, not a homosexual farmhand. Dairy Queen is a huge North American Ice Cream chain that has been selling Ice Cream across the US and Canada since the late sixties, and lots of it. The Dairy Queen is like a McDonlads or Burger King, but catering entirely to Ice Cream, and like the previously mentioned, they even have a drive thru. Yep! Fast food Ice Cream, from a huge fast food restaurant. OH! how I wanted to walk into a Dairy Queen today and buy a Banana Split. A big giant American sized helping of Dairy Queen Banana Split would have served me well in todays heat. Sadly, I had to settle for a tasteless whipped ice cream with a crusty old chocolate flake, served to me from hairy Mediterranean man stuffed into a little blue van for a whopping $1.20. Fortunately he wiped the beads of sweat off his forehead just before he plunged the flake into my ice cream. Dairy Queen, Dairy Queen wherefore art thou Dairy Queen. Not in the UK sadly. You must have a look at DQ's website for all their Ice Creams

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Sunny Disasters

I spent most of today outside in the scorching sun. I wanted to take full advantage of this freak heat wave while it lasts. I mean how often do we get clear skies and a blistering sun here in the UK? Not often. So, what did I do in this Saturday sunshine. Well me and my partner picked up a frisbee, some fresh fruit, a ready cooked chicken and a lake (to drink) and headed to a near by park for a picnic. It all started off so sunny. Within thirty seconds of playing frisbee, my first throw, I ended up hurling it into a tree. . . where it stayed. Left out in the sun, our fresh fruit fried. My flip-flops were scratching between my toes causing me to walk with a limp and we soon realized we had forgotten our sunscreen. I am now sporting a farmers/builders tan and some very tender shoulders. Maybe I'm just meant for cold winters.

Friday, 21 May 2010

GaGa's Alejandro On The Gay

How exciting! Well, if you're a Lady Gaga fan. The pop star has just finished shooting the video for 'Alejandro', the third single from her Fame Monster album. The clip was shot by American Photographer Steven Klein, and a single image was leaked earlier this week. That Gaga, what a tease! Little else is know about the video and a release date has yet to be set. However GaGa told The Times, "It's about the purity of my friendships with my gay friends." She went on to say, "It's a celebration and an admiration of gay love. In the video I'm pining for the love of my gay friends." - So basically she'll be bigging up the Gays. Gosh! Maybe she'll end up marrying one. Boyz?

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Michelle O! The new Jackie O?

Every time I open a style magazine I'm always drawn to the absolutely stunning Michelle Obama. I just can't seem to get enough of Michelle, her warm spirit and elegance. She really is putting style back into politics, and it's about time. Not since Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis has America (the world) had such a glamorous first lady. Michelle just oozes old fashioned glamour and reminds me of those actresses from the era of black and white film. Lena Horne and Diane Carroll come to mind. Michelle is well on her way to being a new style icon, and she more than proved that when she appeared with her husband, U.S President Barack Obama for the State Dinner at the White House the other day. That blue dress! WOW! How gorgeous does she look? Looking at Michelle I'm always left thinking, now that's a woman who knows how to make an entrance, and life is all about making an entrance. GO MICHELLE!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

20 Centimeters - Not Just Another Musical!

I love a good musical film, and there are certainly a lot of stage adaptations to choose from, such as Dreamgirls, Hairspray, Mamma Mia, Caberet, Rent, Chicago, Nine and Moulin Rouge. Move off the musicals radar and you'll find independent gems like Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Dancer in the Dark. All wonderful films with great soundtracks. Films you may all be familiar with. However there is one musical film you might not have heard of. The most sensational musical on celuloid. A musical with the most outrageous story line, plot, characters and musical sequences you will ever see. It is of course 20 Centimeters. A fabulous slice of camp cinema from Spain.

Director Ramón Salazar’s 20 Centimeters tells the story of Marieta (Mónica Cervera) a narcoleptic, transsexual woman who longs to get rid of her 8 inch penis that separates her from being the glamorous woman she so desperately wants to become. Whenever Marieta falls asleep, usually during the most inopportune times, her dreams become lavish and colorful musical numbers, where as a real woman she can sing and dance her way through life. Most notable musical sequences come when Marieta breaks into I Want To Break Free (Queen) in an operating room right before she's about to have the chop, and there's a rather funny rendition of Madonna's True Blue with drag queens and prams. So if you're like me and like musical films, why not grab 20 Centimeters for something a little different. You can watch the trailer by clicking the link below.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Lovely Mint Tea

I was out shopping for fresh fruit and veg the other day at an Arabic market around the corner from me. The sun was blasting down on the chaotic stalls, filling the air with aromatic spices and sweet citrus. However, It was the smell of fresh mint that was most distinctive and caught my senses. I was instantly drawn to a bush of neatly stacked mint bundles. The aroma was divine, and I wanted some. What I got was a big blue bag for a pound. Bragian! I now have a huge arrangement of mint in a big tumbler glass under my kitchen window and have been drinking fresh mint tea daily. For a great cup of mint tea, I simply pick ten mint leaves and put them into a tea pot with a tablespoon of demerara sugar, stir, pour and serve. Mint has many health benefits, is great for a soar tummy and aids digestion. For a great cool drink, try putting your fresh pot of mint tea with added sugar in the fridge - let cool, pour into a jug of ice cubes and add freshly squeezed lime. Delicious! Have I made you thirsty for mint?

Monday, 17 May 2010

The Baseballs Strike

Every now and then a very special album comes along. The Baseballs debut album Strike is just that album. This is the perfect summer CD, and currently my favorite for 2010. Sam, Basti & Digger are three rather sexy German boys who dress like James Dean and sing like Elvis. The Baseballs have had massive success in their native Germany and all across Europe. Now they are bringing their wonderful 50's sound with a modern twist to the UK. What's so special about The Baseballs, is that they cover some of the biggest songs over the past twenty years, re-working them into a delicious Rock 'N' Roll remix. On the album are fantastic renditions of Umbrella (Rihanna), Hot N Cold (Katy Perry), Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis), Don't Cha (The Pussycat Dolls), Crazy In Love (Beyoncé), Angels (Robbie Williams), I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (Scissor Sisters) and The Look (Roxette). This is pure cabaret and not far off from sounding like the Grease soundtrack. You'll absolutely love The Baseballs. I highly recommend you get their Strike on your iPod now. If you would like to listen to The Baseballs and read more about them, just click on their official website

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Worried About The Boy

I'm really looking forward to a bit of TV this evening. Not only is it the semi-finals of Over The Rainbow when another Dorothy will be flung up into the heavens on her moon, but the BBC is airing it's Boy George documentary Worried About The Boy. Having been a massive fan of Boy Geroge and Culture Club back in the day this comes as a treat. Boy George was 'the' pop rebel of the 80's who defined the flamboyant fashions of that decade. He took androgyny and club fashion into the mainstream and found massive world wide success with his music. However it all came crashing down in the late 80's when Boy George became hooked on heroin, an addiction which tarnished his early success and tore apart Culture Club. What followed was numerous embarrassing arrests, including one in 2005 for falsely reporting a burglary. I am expecting this to all play out well in this 90-minute dramatisation of the controversial singer’s early years and hope it celebrates more of the legends music than celebrity.

Seventeen-year-old unknown Douglas Booth has been cast as Boy George while Gavin & Stacey’s Mathew Horne plays Culture Club drummer Jon Moss who was in a relationship with the lead singer during the height of the bands success. We also get taken back to the infamous Blitz club where we meet Steve Strange, Marilyn, Malcolm McLaren and many other familiar faces of London's then clubbing and fashion scene. Worried About The Boy is sure to be a great Sunday night in for any fan of the 80's. Hope to see you all in front of your TV screens tonight.

Worried About The Boy is on BBC TWO this evening at 9 pm

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Elephant Parade Around London

I stepped out in central London today and found the city overrun by elephants. Yellow ones. Orange Ones. Green ones and blue ones. They were everywhere, on every corner. I found a fabulous heard in Trafalgar square looking up at Nelsons column. If only these elephants were alive, I'd take a blue one home. These marvelous elephants are a part of the Elephant Parade - an art installation created by celebrity artists and renowned fashion designers in an effort to save the endangered elephants of Asia. If you have the time you could track down all 250 life sized elephants around London. The largest congregation of these elephants, over 25, are being housed at The Scoop on the South Bank. But you'll need to hurry as all these decorative elephants will be auctioned off in order to raise funds for the endangered species. Lovers of fashion should keep an eye out for the elephants decorated by the likes of John Rocha, Julien MacDonald, Tommy Hilfiger and Lulu Guinness. I have yet to find these elephants but I'm still looking. If you are out and about in London this weekend, bring your camera and a bag of peanuts and do a bit of elephant spotting.

The Elephant Parade London event runs from 3rd May - 29th June 2010, with the auction taking place at Sotheby's on 30th June 2010. The elephants are free to see.

Friday, 14 May 2010

The Silly Little Things I Do

In life we often do silly things, or have 'blond' moments. For me these blond moments are an every day occurrence. I suffer from them in the same way an epileptic has fits, and frequently. For example, for the last ten years, ever since I've been purchasing those powerballs for my dishwasher, I've always carefully peeled off that plastic wrap so tightly encapsulating the soap. I mean my dishes will never get sparkling clean if the soap can't be freed to do it's job. Right? Well, today my boyfriend walked in on me while I blissfully peeled my powerball and hummed a Glee song. "What are you doing?" he asked. "Loading the dishwasher" I said. "No, what are you doing with with the soap, why are you removing the plastic?" he said. "DUH! You have to remove the plastic, how else are the dishes gonna get cleaned?" I hissed. "It's a self-disolving plastic. It melts in the dishwasher water" he said. So for the last ten years I have been filling the landfills of Great Britain with tiny bits of self-disolving plastic that could have been washed away in my dishwater. Huh! Go figure.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Soup I Made

Today for lunch I made a wonderful carrot, potato, corn and pea soup. I blended half the vegetables and chucked in some fresh bits to make the soup more meaty. Finally I added another variety of Linwoods seeds (as mentioned in previous posts) Milled Flax, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Sesame Seeds & Goji Berries. Quite a Mix! But a rather tasty one when added to my fresh soup concoction. What was so lovely about this particular mix of Linwodds seeds was that it gave my soup a nice nutty taste that complimented the carrot and potato. Very YUM! YUM! I've really been enjoying adding Linwoods range to my meals over the past few weeks and I do feel healthier for it. If you are interested in reading more about Linwoods fantastic range and the mix I used in my soup today just click here

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The BOY Is Back

Do you remember 80's cult-label BOY? If not, don't worry, you soon will. If you look hard enough you'll spot the occasional BOY shirt, cap, and accessory on the streets of London town. The label recently started popping up in London's club scene, becoming fashionable once again with Soho's club-couture set and the Shoreditch crowd. Getting your hands on vintage BOY wear wasn't easy. You really had to hunt for it in London's charity shops and on eBay. Not any more. The BOY look, frequently seen on Boy George and the Pet Shop Boys in the mid to late 80's is making a BIG comeback. BOY creator Steph Raynor is back designing BOY wear for a new generation - most recently on Madonna's toy boy Jesus Luz, who sported a BOY t-shirt with Micky Mouse ears in a photoshoot.

I was a massive fan of BOY back in my youth, and had an entire wardrobe full of BOY clothing. It's just a shame I didn't hold on to any of it. I suppose it's not to late to start collecting again. I'm currently on the look out for BOY t-shirts and a vintage cap. If you're like me, and interested in the BOY revival, then there's good news. You can get vintage and new BOY wear at Raynor's new second hand shop Sick, 105 Redchurch Street, east London. You can also contact Raynor and find out more about BOY on his Myspace

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Hemp (SEEDS!) In My Salad

As I've mentioned in previous posts I've been using a range of Linwoods seeds to add to my meals. This evening I made a rather tasty salad to go along with my smoked salmon. I added some Linwoods shelled organic hemp seeds. Hemp contains those important fatty acids, Omega 3, 6 and 9. I have no idea what those numbers stand for, but they seem important. If you're a vegetarian and looking for an alternative protein source then Hemp seed will help fill that hole in your diet. Hemp is also rich in Iron, magnesium and protein - again, all things god for you. For more information about Linwoods products and to read more about the healthy benefits of Hemp seed click onto the link below.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Aussiebum And Me

As I've mentioned over the past few days, Summer is well and truly here. Which means I need to dig out my trunks, as I plan on doing a lot of swimming in my quest to 'fight the flab' in the months to come. Unfortunately, those trunks tucked in the back of my draws no longer fit. Shame on me for stuffing my face with Banoffee pie over the winter. So the old trunks are out, and my new Aussiebum ones are in. I managed to get a couple of pairs from Aussiebums Loose range. I really love the fit, vibrant colours and nylon fabric. I actually feel rather sexy in them, and you certainly don't need to have that perfect chiseled body so often seen in Aussiebums advertising campaigns to look good in their swimwear and underwear. Have a look at Aussiebums complete swimwear range at

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Join Me At The Buddah Bar

I spent most of today lounging around my flat chilling to my Buddah Bar CD's. The Buddah Bar series is one of my favorite compilations of chill out & world music released by George V Records. Created by DJ and Buddha Bar founder Claude Challe this series is based around a chain of stylish restaurants and bars in Europe and the UK. There are currently fifteen compilations in this series, and they are well worth investing in - if you can afford the slightly high asking price for this French import. Buddah Bar CD's are a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon relaxing. So get out some incense, dim the lights and chill at the Buddah Bar.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Capirinhas & Company

Yesterday, my hat shopping had me in a South American mood. So much so, that I decided to carry it over in the evening. With friends on the way for dinner I quickly tuned my menu into tapas & fajitas. I was also in charge of serving cocktails and thought what better drink than Brazil's national cocktail, the Capirinha. My absolute favorite summer cocktail. What I love about the Capirinha is that it's so easy to make. I have to say, I make a rather fabulous jug of the stuff. A traditional Capirinha requires Cachaca (fermented sugarcane) but you can use equal measures of tequila and a light rum. When adding fresh fruit, traditionally you would use limes, but I like to try variations using kiwi, grapes or mango. I highly recommend you make this brilliant summer cocktail next time you are entertaining friends. My recipe is below.

1½ limes, chopped into cubes

3 tsp white granulated sugar
65ml/2½fl oz Cachaca

large handful ice cubes

Step 1: Place the fruit and sugar into a cocktail mixer and using a muddle (or the end of a wooden rolling pin) mash the limes and sugar into a paste.
Step 2: Add the Cachaca, then some ice cubes, cover with a lid and shake 8 times. 

Step 3: Pour into a highball glass and serve. It's that easy! Enjoy.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Hats In Havana

I love my hats. What hair extensions are to women, hats are to me. So with summer on my doorstep, I thought now is the perfect time to do a bit of chapeau shopping. I set out this afternoon with a particular image in mind - 1950's Havana. I'm feeling that whole era at the moment. The white shorts, pastel pink shirts, cigars and straw hats just put me in a Cuban mood. Salsa & Sun! I managed to find some fantastic straw hats at H&M. They have a brilliant, affordable summer collection just out. Their mens range is that perfect South American look that I am after for my summer here and abroad. Go check out H&M's Summer collection.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Cat Hair & Contact Lenses. Do Not Mix!

You know the problem with owning two cats, is double the hair, and lots of it. Boy do those little critters shed! Most days I wake up wanting to cough up a fur ball. However this morning, I was faced with an even hairier dilemma. Cat hair under my contact lens . . . IT FUCKING STINGS! I spent a good part of my morning crawling around my bedroom like a blind man. I was unable to open my eyes due to a few cat hairs scratching my eyeball. My eyes lids were so tightly shut not even the jaws of life could have opened them. Streams of tears were pouring out, and yet again I was cursing those damn cats. I felt my way around my bathroom, knocking over everything, frantically filling up the sink with warm water, whereupon I thrust my head down into it. By submersing my head in the sink of water, I was finally able to open my eyes and let the water wash the lens out. Free at last! Free at last! I am now sporting a very soar red eye. I knew I should've got goldfish in stead of cats.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Interview Magazine Covers Madonna

Madonna is interviewed by legendary auteur Gus Van Sant (My Own Private Idaho, Good Will Hunting & Milk) in this months issue if Interview magazine. She was photographed by Marcus Piggott and Mert Atlas for the cover. They have shot some exceptionally beautiful black and white images of the Material Girl, holding her trade mark crucifix from back in her virgin days. In one shot we see the Queen Of Pop! wearing a rather fetching eye patch, in another, she drapes herself in black chiffon. The question remains - have Interview magazine photoshopped Madonna? Hell Ya! But they have done so at the highest standard, and Madonna still looks utterly sensational. You can read Madonna's conversation with Gus Van Sant in this months issue of Interview magazine online. There is also a fantastic behind the scenes video of her shoot with Interview. Just click the link below.