Friday, 28 May 2010

Some Good Vibes

There's a small handful of films that should have been so much bigger than they actually were. One such film is Vibes, a 1988 romcom starring Cyndi Lauper and Jeff Goldblum. Can you remember it? Probably not. That's because it was a massive box office flop that struggled to find global distribution, not to mention it was a bit crap. Vibes was so bad that it was great. So what's it about . . . well, it's about a ditzy psychic called Sylvia Pickles (the best name for a female character LIKE EVER) played by Lauper who meets an equally odd Nick (Goldblum) who's also a psychic. Together they travel to the Ecuadorian Andes to find the "Source Of Psychic Energy". Yes, THE "Source Of Psychic Energy". I had no idea there was one. Are you hooked yet? Probably not. The film did have it's moments, and a supporting cast of Peter Falk (Columbo) playing a con man, and Julian Sands (A Room With A View, Warlock) who provides a bit of tension as the films main villain. Vibes is somewhat of a cult hit and worth the watch just for Cyndi Lauper. OH! I forgot to mention, it's only available on VHS. Shall we start a petition here to get Vibes a DVD release then? Watch the trailer below and let me know what you think.

Vibes Movie Trailer

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