Saturday, 22 May 2010

Sunny Disasters

I spent most of today outside in the scorching sun. I wanted to take full advantage of this freak heat wave while it lasts. I mean how often do we get clear skies and a blistering sun here in the UK? Not often. So, what did I do in this Saturday sunshine. Well me and my partner picked up a frisbee, some fresh fruit, a ready cooked chicken and a lake (to drink) and headed to a near by park for a picnic. It all started off so sunny. Within thirty seconds of playing frisbee, my first throw, I ended up hurling it into a tree. . . where it stayed. Left out in the sun, our fresh fruit fried. My flip-flops were scratching between my toes causing me to walk with a limp and we soon realized we had forgotten our sunscreen. I am now sporting a farmers/builders tan and some very tender shoulders. Maybe I'm just meant for cold winters.

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