Friday, 14 May 2010

The Silly Little Things I Do

In life we often do silly things, or have 'blond' moments. For me these blond moments are an every day occurrence. I suffer from them in the same way an epileptic has fits, and frequently. For example, for the last ten years, ever since I've been purchasing those powerballs for my dishwasher, I've always carefully peeled off that plastic wrap so tightly encapsulating the soap. I mean my dishes will never get sparkling clean if the soap can't be freed to do it's job. Right? Well, today my boyfriend walked in on me while I blissfully peeled my powerball and hummed a Glee song. "What are you doing?" he asked. "Loading the dishwasher" I said. "No, what are you doing with with the soap, why are you removing the plastic?" he said. "DUH! You have to remove the plastic, how else are the dishes gonna get cleaned?" I hissed. "It's a self-disolving plastic. It melts in the dishwasher water" he said. So for the last ten years I have been filling the landfills of Great Britain with tiny bits of self-disolving plastic that could have been washed away in my dishwater. Huh! Go figure.


  1. What? I use the same ones and I always remove the wrapper too!

  2. I'd check the box first. I'm pretty sure that the instructions say to remove the wrapper.

  3. The new ones are dissolvable. The older ones weren't (neither are the cheaper ones - there's something relevant there).