Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Vanity Fair goes WOW!

My favorite publication, LIKE EVER! is Vanity Fair. I've been subscribing to it's brilliant dialogue since I was a teenager. I've always admired VF's fine mixture of fashion, pop culture, politics and society. What I love most about Vanity Fair, are it's interviews with a range of fabulous stars and people in the spotlight. VF always manage to get that special interview that other magazines can't. They so brilliantly dig up a wonderful bit of scandal & crime from the past, letting it unfold on it's back pages. VF never disappoints, and I usually find myself reading every word it puts down on it's glossy pages. However, having seen the cover of this months issue celebrating the start of the World Cup in South Africa - for the first time, I might just stare at it's photo's - of a rather fine Cristiano Ronaldo in his underwear. ALL DAY!

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