Sunday, 23 May 2010

Dreaming Of Dairy Queen

If you are like me, and not originally from the UK, then you know what it's like to miss things from your homeland. Things such as familiar brands, foods, beverages, music and television shows. Every know and then you wish you could get your hands on such things, blissfully reminising. The reality is, for that moment of wanting something familiar from home, you can't have it. It's not like you can walk into a corner store and buy it. Non the less, this doesn't stop you from wanting it.

Today as I walked to the gym I had such a wanting. Weighed down by my back pack, low on water and dripping in this ridiculous heat wave - I wanted Ice Cream - from Canada. Now, you are probably asking yourself, 'what's wrong with the Ice Cream here in the UK.' Well . . . nothing. It's just that the long walk to my gym and the heat had me dreaming of Dairy Queen. No, not a homosexual farmhand. Dairy Queen is a huge North American Ice Cream chain that has been selling Ice Cream across the US and Canada since the late sixties, and lots of it. The Dairy Queen is like a McDonlads or Burger King, but catering entirely to Ice Cream, and like the previously mentioned, they even have a drive thru. Yep! Fast food Ice Cream, from a huge fast food restaurant. OH! how I wanted to walk into a Dairy Queen today and buy a Banana Split. A big giant American sized helping of Dairy Queen Banana Split would have served me well in todays heat. Sadly, I had to settle for a tasteless whipped ice cream with a crusty old chocolate flake, served to me from hairy Mediterranean man stuffed into a little blue van for a whopping $1.20. Fortunately he wiped the beads of sweat off his forehead just before he plunged the flake into my ice cream. Dairy Queen, Dairy Queen wherefore art thou Dairy Queen. Not in the UK sadly. You must have a look at DQ's website for all their Ice Creams

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  1. Isn't the DQ from Tavernier, Florida Keys on the pic? Damn, I miss me a fat big Flamethrower ^^