Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The BOY Is Back

Do you remember 80's cult-label BOY? If not, don't worry, you soon will. If you look hard enough you'll spot the occasional BOY shirt, cap, and accessory on the streets of London town. The label recently started popping up in London's club scene, becoming fashionable once again with Soho's club-couture set and the Shoreditch crowd. Getting your hands on vintage BOY wear wasn't easy. You really had to hunt for it in London's charity shops and on eBay. Not any more. The BOY look, frequently seen on Boy George and the Pet Shop Boys in the mid to late 80's is making a BIG comeback. BOY creator Steph Raynor is back designing BOY wear for a new generation - most recently on Madonna's toy boy Jesus Luz, who sported a BOY t-shirt with Micky Mouse ears in a photoshoot.

I was a massive fan of BOY back in my youth, and had an entire wardrobe full of BOY clothing. It's just a shame I didn't hold on to any of it. I suppose it's not to late to start collecting again. I'm currently on the look out for BOY t-shirts and a vintage cap. If you're like me, and interested in the BOY revival, then there's good news. You can get vintage and new BOY wear at Raynor's new second hand shop Sick, 105 Redchurch Street, east London. You can also contact Raynor and find out more about BOY on his Myspace

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