Monday, 10 May 2010

Aussiebum And Me

As I've mentioned over the past few days, Summer is well and truly here. Which means I need to dig out my trunks, as I plan on doing a lot of swimming in my quest to 'fight the flab' in the months to come. Unfortunately, those trunks tucked in the back of my draws no longer fit. Shame on me for stuffing my face with Banoffee pie over the winter. So the old trunks are out, and my new Aussiebum ones are in. I managed to get a couple of pairs from Aussiebums Loose range. I really love the fit, vibrant colours and nylon fabric. I actually feel rather sexy in them, and you certainly don't need to have that perfect chiseled body so often seen in Aussiebums advertising campaigns to look good in their swimwear and underwear. Have a look at Aussiebums complete swimwear range at

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