Thursday, 6 May 2010

Cat Hair & Contact Lenses. Do Not Mix!

You know the problem with owning two cats, is double the hair, and lots of it. Boy do those little critters shed! Most days I wake up wanting to cough up a fur ball. However this morning, I was faced with an even hairier dilemma. Cat hair under my contact lens . . . IT FUCKING STINGS! I spent a good part of my morning crawling around my bedroom like a blind man. I was unable to open my eyes due to a few cat hairs scratching my eyeball. My eyes lids were so tightly shut not even the jaws of life could have opened them. Streams of tears were pouring out, and yet again I was cursing those damn cats. I felt my way around my bathroom, knocking over everything, frantically filling up the sink with warm water, whereupon I thrust my head down into it. By submersing my head in the sink of water, I was finally able to open my eyes and let the water wash the lens out. Free at last! Free at last! I am now sporting a very soar red eye. I knew I should've got goldfish in stead of cats.

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