Monday, 3 May 2010

Those Damn Dorothy's

I am well and truly addicted to BBC One's Over The Rainbow. Admittedly, I don't watch a lot of TV, but occasionally I do get hooked on the odd show. Reality shows like X-Factor and Over The Rainbow suite me fine as they involve lots of music, and an elimination process - a winning formula in my opinion. Over The Rainbow always makes me smile, that is until one poor Dorothy is booted off. The moment the rejected Dorothy breaks into her final song my eyes fill up, and the moment when another Dorothy snaps her sparkly heels off her, and hands them to Andrew Lloyd Webber, I am well and truly in floods of tears. It gets even worse when the jilted Dorothy hops on her half moon and is whisked high up into the studio's rafters never to be seen again. A rather original exit. I am always left wondering, where has she gone? Does Andrew Lloyd Webber have a giant mincer that he drops them into, grinding them into a big pile of Dorothy mince. Surly not!

P.S. You can catch all the Dorothy drama here. Click and watch - BBC Over The Rainbow

1 comment:

  1. Oh Richard, I love it too! And yes, tears are def on the cards every week, whilst all the time I realise how ridiculously camp on over the top it is. It's these girls hopes and dreams shattered in one sing off (which is always a highlight of mine btw, it's like Barbra and Celine all over again.)