Saturday, 8 May 2010

Capirinhas & Company

Yesterday, my hat shopping had me in a South American mood. So much so, that I decided to carry it over in the evening. With friends on the way for dinner I quickly tuned my menu into tapas & fajitas. I was also in charge of serving cocktails and thought what better drink than Brazil's national cocktail, the Capirinha. My absolute favorite summer cocktail. What I love about the Capirinha is that it's so easy to make. I have to say, I make a rather fabulous jug of the stuff. A traditional Capirinha requires Cachaca (fermented sugarcane) but you can use equal measures of tequila and a light rum. When adding fresh fruit, traditionally you would use limes, but I like to try variations using kiwi, grapes or mango. I highly recommend you make this brilliant summer cocktail next time you are entertaining friends. My recipe is below.

1½ limes, chopped into cubes

3 tsp white granulated sugar
65ml/2½fl oz Cachaca

large handful ice cubes

Step 1: Place the fruit and sugar into a cocktail mixer and using a muddle (or the end of a wooden rolling pin) mash the limes and sugar into a paste.
Step 2: Add the Cachaca, then some ice cubes, cover with a lid and shake 8 times. 

Step 3: Pour into a highball glass and serve. It's that easy! Enjoy.

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