Monday, 6 September 2010

Edmonton Here I Come

I'm jetting out of the UK tomorrow to my hometown of Edmonton, Canada, for a family visit. I'm incredibly excited. I'm well overdue for a Canada trip, It's been almost three years since my last visit. Every time I return, I'm amazed at how much the city has grown, changed, in such a short time. It's practically a boomtown! I've attached a photo of Edmonton above, for you all to see. It gives you a rather picturesque idea of where I grew up, where I come from. This will be an extra special trip, as my partner and his mother will be joining me a week later. I can't wait to show them around, share Canada's great outdoors with them, weather permitting of course. I'll be in Edmonton for three weeks and I'll try and make sure I document my visit here on my Blog during that time. I do hope you'll join me on my return? I've attached a rather stunning video montage of Edmonton, put together by Alberta tourism. Click on the link below and have a look at my wonderful hometown.

Edmonton Tourism (Watch VIDEO Here)

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