Friday, 5 November 2010

It Takes A Legend To Make A Star

According to the movie poster for Burlesque, "It takes a legend to make a star". In Burlesque, that legend is Cher, the 64 year old fishnet body stocking pensioner. FINALLY! She's back on film, after a long ten year absence. I have prayed for this day every morning before I munch on my corn flakes. However, after watching the trailer for Burlesque, I'm not sure this is the right comeback for the Oscar wining actress. I read online years ago that Cher had signed up to do this film. On paper it sounded absolutely fantastic and I've been following the films progress ever since - and then . . . THE TRAILER comes out. Oh Dear! This film looks more Showgirls than Chicago - more Striptease than Cabaret. In short . . . A BIT CRAP! Christina Aguliera (Rachels Stevens wasn't available) plays Ali, a small-town girl with a big voice who escapes an uncertain future to follow her dreams to Los Angeles. After stumbling upon The Burlesque Lounge, an opulent but ailing theater that is home to an inspired musical revue. Ali lands a job as a cocktail waitress from Tess (Cher), the club’s proprietor and headliner. Ali makes her way from the bar to the stage. Her spectacular voice restores The Burlesque Lounge to its former glory and a star is born, or a box office bomb. We'll find out on November 24th when Burlesque is released. Regardless, I'll still be queuing to get a ticket. Have a look over the movie trailer below and let me know what you think of Cher & Christina's Burlesque?

Burlesque Movie (Watch TRAILER Here)

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