Saturday, 13 November 2010

A Cheaters Guide To Solving Rubiks Cube

Rubiks Cube sure is making a come back, stores are stocked with the little colored cube in the gear up to Christmas. So if one pops up in your stocking this Christmas, then here are my tips to solving this frustrating little puzzle. Now I was given a Rubiks Cube way back in the 80's and no matter how much I twist and tuned that little cube I could never get the colors to match up. I just didn't have the required skills and the patience. Being the clever child that I was I figured out that you could peel off all the little colored stickers and then match them up by sticking them back on. However this would only work once or twice as the stickers would loose their ability to stick to the cube the more you removed them. My prefered solution, take the Rubik Cube apart. Using a thin blunt instrument such as a medium sized flathead screwdriver you can flick open a lid under one of the middle squares, usually under the green. You will find a screw which when removed will cause the cube to fall apart. You can then put the cube back together matching up the colors correctly, put the screw back in . . . and . . . PRESTO! Rubiks Cube complete. Much simpler than all that time consuming twisting and turning.


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