Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Frankfurt Christmas Market, In Birmingham!

I ventured out in the cold today as I heard the Germans are currently bringing some well needed festive cheer to Birmingham. The Frankfurt Christmas Market has become a huge favorite with both residents and visitors to the city from all over the UK and Europe and is now the largest outdoor Christmas market in the UK. The city centre has become a labyrinth, crammed with traditional stalls, pilled high with handmade toys, Christmas decorations and craft goods. A word of advice, bring lots os spending money. Everything is temptation, especially the food and drink. I just couldn't resist the German mulled wine, grilled sausages, pretzels and German beer. Not all at once of course, that would be greedy and could lead to one hell of an ingestion problem.

"FUCK IT!" was my mantra for the day, as I gorged on gingerbread, crepes, marzipan sweets and these rather yummy, flavored marshmallows dripped in chocolate. Heading up to Victoria Square, the heart of the market, I stumbled upon a traditional bandstand where musicians perform every lunchtime and evening. I was treated to christmas carols by a lovely group of carolers, sadly no Oompah Band. Anyway, I've taken some pictures for you all to see, things I liked very much while browsing the market. If you are impressed by my Blog and think you might like to visit the Frankfurt Christmas Market, you better hurry, as it is only here until December 23rd. For more information about the Frankfurt Christmas Market check out their Facebook page below.

The Frankfurt Christmas Market - Facebook

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