Monday, 29 November 2010


Well there really is no reason to continue watching X-factor, now that Wagner has been booted out. The fun really is over folks, as last nights double eviction ended like a really bad hangover. Fame hungry Katie Waissel was the first to go as she poled the lowest votes. A good thing, as she can now be put out of her headline grabbing misery. Not to worry, Katie will no doubt go on to make a fortune, selling her grandmother's knickers on eBay. The revelation that Katie's 81 year old grandmother was £250 an-hour prostitute really was the stuff Hollywood scripts are made of. Together Katie and Wagner propped up the X-factor and maintained media interest like no other contestants in the shows history.

In the end Wagner and Mary were left standing, due to fight it out in the sing-off, a predictable result. More predictable was poor Wagner's fate. You just knew he was going, with all four judges voting him off. Simon barked, "There are people (Me) out there trying to derail this show and tonight we've put this show back in the hands of the audience". Blah! Blah! Blah! Simon seems to be under the impression that X-factor is a serious talent show, a bit like Stars In Their Eyes maybe. I personally view the X-factor as nothing more than a wonderful Saturday night karaoke show, a bit like Stars in Their Eyes. X-factor is an entertainment show and this season no one contestant entertained more than Wagner. Let's face it, Wagner is the only thing you will remember about this years show. Can you name all the previous contestants that have left before him? Go on. Because I certainly can't. X-factor snobs, pretentious columnists and precious television presenters have been screaming, "Enough! The joke is over. Wagner has to go." Yet, the joke was just getting started, the punchline about to be delivered. Wagner's departure, means NO DUET with a major world pop star at the grand final. I had visions of Wagner and Lady Gaga joining forces on "Telephone", the genius of it! This would then be followed by his X-factor win and Simon Cowell's jaw quite literally dropping off. How I wanted to walk into an HMV to be greeted by a large display unit full of Wagner CD's. Okay, so I probably wouldn't buy one, but I sure would marvel at it, thinking, "man that Wagner sure did make me laugh" . . . THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT! Saturday nights on ITV just got really boring. Well at least I'm free for drinks again. I leave you with a fine Wagner performance, below. Enjoy!

Wagner - She Bangs/Love Shack (Watch Here)

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