Saturday, 7 August 2010

I Was Never Being Boring!

I have been feeling rather nostalgic over the last few days. Possibly because I've been listening to all my Pet Shop Boys CD's. Their music has such a wonderful affect on me, and always has me reflecting on my late teens, early twenties - the years between 1988 and 1991, not that I want to reveal my age. I suppose the Pet Shop Boys music between these years and that time in my life are are perfectly connected, THE soundtrack of my youth. Neil and Chris were always there, during high school days and disco nights. Pouring out of a small stereo from a high school locker, or singing in the background as we got ready to go out clubbing. The smell of menthol cigarettes, hairspray, and burnt hair from a pair of straighteners reminds me of Domino Dancing. While the taste of cheep red wine, vodka and coke always makes me hum Left To My Own Devices. Then there's Being Boring. The song of my youth, possibly yours. It's a song that spoke to my generation on so many levels. Being Boring was all about growing up and the ideas you have when you are young. It's about the friends who go off into the world to find inspiration and bring it back. It's my song and my friends. It's hard to imagine my life without this song or the Pet Shop Boys for that matter. It's even harder for me to say which of the Pet Shop Boys albums is my favorite. I'm somewhere between Introspective and Behavior, but closer to Behavior. If you have a favorite Pet Shop Boys album, tell me about it below. I'd love to hear your feelings on this Blog post. In the mean time, I hope you're not being boring.

Pet Shop Boys Website -

Pet Shop Boys - Being Boring (Watch VIDEO Here)


  1. Pet Shop Boys are an unique duet of a singolar and perfect artist also in this years, not only in 80's.
    I think you're very right, and I agree all the things you wrote !!!
    Great POST !!!

  2. The first time I listen to Behaviour the song sound strange, something like a good sensation, something like a strange sensation.
    Nobody know the future of this sound, the future closed inside it's lyric, between notes and
    so sweet songs.
    A forgotten future, for many people, but not for me, not for us, not for the people still love them.
    I remember nights, days, summers, winters, passed at the sound of it.
    I remember my singularity sound predilection and the pop art that make them an unique
    Two guys divided by zero, Two guys who present me the most beautiful youth time.
    My love about them is simply related to the perfect similitude between my life
    and many of their songs, like It's a Sin, Domino dancing and many other.
    I still see myself to take a walk, often with a walkman in my pocket, just to listen to them.
    Many friends pass away, girls pass, sex nights pass, feelings pass away, maybe love remain.
    Many days listening, many days looking, dreaming, desiring. . .
    Nostalgics meanders of music mislay my senses in sensational sea of pure armonic song, this is
    a reason of energy that move us along life, between sorrow, happiness, boredom.
    Now that I feel bored, I still ear Being Boring notes echoes in my heart, like waves in the sea of
    life, to make me feel better, to make me feel never bored.
    Thanks for all, my dear Neill and Chris.


  3. I've listened to Introspective repeatedly over the decades but I am getting back to Behaviour...I'm not sure which is better, they are both really good....thanks for the post