Friday, 20 August 2010

Show Your Devotion For Sheila B!

Take a little trip down Disco lane with me. Let's riffle through that old vinyl collection of yours shall we? Now, I bet you don't have any Sheila B. Devotion amongst those dusty old LP's. Do you? Maybe you were still in Moms tummy when Sheila B. Devotion were releasing Disco nuggets like "Love Me Baby", if so, let me be the first to introduce you to Sheila. Firstly, Sheila isn't really Sheila. She was born Annie Chancel in a small French village. Annie, Sheila, went on to become a very big French Pop singer. In 1977 she formed Sheila B. Devotion with a group of men who love wearing satin trousers. She started singing in English and the rest is history really. Her career took off, the Germans (mass consumers of crap music) brought bucket loads of her LP's and she became a Disco Queen across Europe. Their biggest UK hit was a cover of "Singing In The Rain" which peaked and number #11 in the UK charts in 1978. Sheila B. Devotions most recognizable song was the Chic produced "Spacer". Remember Swedish Pop group Alcazar? Their hit "Crying At The Discothèque" sampled "Spacer" with re-recorded lyrics. Sadly Sheila (Annie) is an old woman now, a bit like Cher, and tours occasionally in France and Germany. An 18 CD box set was released in 2006 with more than 400 songs. YES 4 -Hundred SONGS! It's just a shame only 'one' is remotely memorable. As for the other 399, I dare you to spend your days listening to them all. Go on! You can buy Sheila B. Devotions box set on Amazon or you can check out her rather fabulous website (In French) with more details about her. I've also included some wonderful Sheila B. Devotion videos below. Enjoy!

Sheila B. Website -

Sheila B. Devotion - Singing In The Rain (Watch VIDEO Here)

Sheila B. Devotion - Spacer (Watch VIDEO Here)

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