Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Chery Cole Gave Me Smegma!

Yesterday I was retrieving album cover art from albumartexchange.com for my iPod. I use this site as it has a vast collection of high quality scanned and edited album images, perfect for the avid collector like myself. It's so easy to use. Just drop the name of an artist or album title you are looking for in the search engine, and . . . VoilĂ ! Pretty album covers for your iPod, it's that easy. Yesterday however, I sure did get a vulgar surprise from albumartexchange.com. I often forget to log into my account and when doing so am confronted by captcha. Don't you just hate captcha? Having to type in all those warped letters just to confirm that you are human and not a computer generating a response. So annoying, but rectified If I had have logged in, but I didn't. I was on the search for some Cheryl Cole singles covers, I dropped Chery Cole in the search engine, hit search, and was presented with the GROSSEST captcha. Have a close look at the captured Image I took above! . . . Can you see it? My captcha? That's right! Type in Chery Cole and I get Smegma. Well I don't really, maybe Derek Hough does. Maybe Ashley Cole did have. OH! I don't know! It's all just a little gross for me, and put me right off ever wanting to do another search on Chery Cole, for fear she might give me SMEGMA, again!

Album Art Exchange - www.albumartexchange.com

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