Sunday, 15 August 2010

Excuse Me. You Have A Pig In Your Hair!

Not having any hair myself, I've always marveled at the hairdos of others. But seeing a woman with an animal in her barnet, WELL! I'm left speechless. So what are these slightly spooky, but superbly creative photos about? Well, they are from a Japanese website by Nagi Noda. So who is Nagi Noda? Well Nagi Noda is a music video director, director of TV Commercials, CD jacket designer and a multi-discipinary artist. Well that's what her Biography says. She has directed music videos for the likes of the Scissor Sisters and Tiga, but that doesn't answer my question - Why on earth is she making (out of hair) animals and putting them in her models hairdos? Hair art or crap art, you decide? I personally love Nagi's vision. So, Nagi if you can make me a giraffe for my baldy head, then I'll pop a cheque in the post.

Nagi Noda Website -

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