Friday, 3 December 2010

Twin Pleasure

I woke up this morning to Bros, remember them? Identical twins Matt and Luke Goss? SADLY, I wasn't tucked in bed with them, a twin on each side - one can dream. They were however, blasting out my radio. Heart FM! Boy did I ever love/fancy Bros back in the day. I took great pleasure in watching the hunky Goss brothers along with Craig Logan (him on drums) jump about in their music videos on MTV. They kind of set the trend for biker jackets, ripped jeans and Doc Martens, a look I emulated in my late teens, but never really got right. My biker jacket was oversized and hang off me like a carcass out to dry. I could never rip my jeans just right and ended up with so many pairs of cut off shorts instead. Years later, a friend told me I had to use a steak knife on my jeans (I was using sewing scissors) in order to get the right effect. By this time ripped jeans had gone out of fashion and so did Bros. Looking back, It's hard to believe that Bros was the biggest boy band on the planet, with 11 Top 40 singles and 3 Top 20 albums in the United Kingdom alone. The Goss brothers have since gone their separate ways. Matt is still enjoying a moderately successful solo music career, while Luke has popped up in some rather big Hollywood films, the Blade and Hellboy franchises come to mind. Unfortunately there are no plans of Bros reforming in the near future, like so many former boy bands have. They will however, be forever reunited on radio stations like Heart FM, waxing lyrical "I Owe You Nothing" and "When Will I Be Famous?" . . . Do take a moment and drool over/remember Bros, won't you?

Matt Goss - Website Here

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