Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas With The Puppini Sisters

The Christmas album has always had a special place in the pantheon of pop. This season, the wonderful Puppini Sisters join the arena, rolling out their specially-themed full-length collection of festive favorites. I picked up a copy of this marvelous CD the other day and have been playing it non-stop ever since. It's currently my favorite Christmas album and has managed to knock Mariah Carey and her yuletide tunes off my player, not an easy feat. So what's so wonderful about The Puppini Sisters and their Christmas jingles? Well, quite simply, the Puppini's know how to have a good time, delivering one super FUN Christmas album. The Puppini Sisters (who aren't really sisters but best friends Marcella, Kate and Stephanie) interpret some of their favorite Christmas songs, 1940's style. The harmony perfect girls add a touch of swing to classics like - Santa Baby, Winter Wonderland and Here Comes Santa Clause, all accompanied by a big band. Even Wham's Last Christmas gets the Puppini makeover. Oh! and so does Mariah's All I Want For Christmas, quite marvelously in fact. So, why don't you spend Christmas with the Puppini Sisters this festive season? I think you'll agree, this really is the perfect Christmas dinner party album and a wonderful soundtrack with your mulled wine and Christmas pudding. Do check out the Puppini Sisters website and other information below.

The Puppini Sisters - Official WEBSITE Here

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