Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The 1980's Had Balls

Can anyone remember the Pogo Ball? It was a very hot mid-80's fad, and back then, as a teen, I so wanted one. A bright pink one in fact. The Pogo Ball (also known as a Lolo Ball) was mass-produced by Hasbro and it sure did look fun in TV commercials. It was a very simple concept - a colorful rubber ball locked into a plastic platform that you could balance yourself on and jump. It was suppose to provide you with hours of fun and was also tipped as a great form of exercise. The only problem with the Pogo Ball, was that after your your fifth or sixth jump you soon realized you hadn't got very far. Consequently, you got bored, very fast. Not to mention your calf muscles started to ache. The reality was, the Pogo Ball was an utterly pointless 80's invention that at the time, every kid wanted. I might just dig mine up and give it another try. If you see my hopping down the streets of London on a pink ball - Wave!

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  1. I used to have one< I can't rememeber what colour but I know I didn't like it, think it was salmon-pink platform and yellow ball? but my mate had a yellow platform and a blue ball I believe, I was very jealous, but mine was the last in the shop :-(. We had competitions of how many jumps, soon we could just go on indefinately so neither was a champion, eventually as the ball lost air and popped out of the ring that was the end, I didn't know you about needle valves that you could use at home with your bicycle pumps :-(
    I loved them, but as you say novelty didn't last too long, and kids have a shorter novely attention span nowadays :-)