Friday, 23 April 2010

The Three Headed Monster

I really didn't want to start this blog by talking about the general election. But I'm afraid I feel compelled to taunt you with my thoughts regarding that three headed beast I call, 'The Brown Cameron Clegg Monster'. Like the Kraken this monster rose from the murky pauperized depths of the Granada studios for last nights ITV Leaders Debate. It appeared as though the monster was confused, disorientated. It begun spewing scary words and phrases. Like . . . Gun Crime - Pedophile - Al-Qaeda - Asylum Seeker - illegal immigrant - Recession - Climate Change - Euro, and the one that had me running to hide in the corner of my closet (for the second time in my life) - War On Terror. . . Ooh! Are you scared yet? Well you should be. Because if we are to believe everything the three headed monsters says, then the world is a terrible place to live in and the end is near. There is hope, yes hope! The three headed monster seems to think that he can save us. All we need to do is separate one of his heads, and 'that' head shall lead us. Now If I had to choose one of the heads, I'd go with the Brown head. Because of all the gobbledygook the three headed monster spewed the Brown head at least offered me a free bus pass when I am old.


  1. I'll be voting Lib Dem.

    Labour have had 13 years to sort themselves out. They've made tons of promises but have never kept them.

    I'd rather stab my eyes out with a rusty fork than vote Tory. Especially after I saw this -

  2. Richard, I LOVE your blog already!I have added you to my Google Reader and look forward to following your posts full of wit and insight!