Monday, 26 April 2010

That Glee Episode

I've just finished watching Glee: The Power Of Madonna, and you know it wasn't that bad. Not that I expected it to be. It's Glee for gods sake! So, how did it all go down. Well, the episode opens with Sue Sylvester forcing Principal Figgins to play Madonna's greatest hits all day through the schools tannoy system. A great idea, but I quickly found the Madonna songs blasting in the background to be a distraction from the dialogue and storylines of the show. The cast performances were great fun, and I couldn't help but sing along with them. Sue's big Vogue number was a bit of a let down, and could have been so much more. I've seen Madonna's Vogue video thousands of times since my teens. So re-enacting it scene by scene just lacked originality. The Madonna episode, like most Glee episodes, was full of witty, sharp dialogue. While I was satisfied by this tribute to the material girl, I wasn't blown away by it. I wouldn't want to see too many more episodes that dedicate an entire show to a pop artist, as I think it could take away from what we love most about Glee - the cast of fantastic characters. Anyway, what did you think, was it worth it?


  1. i LOVED the vogue re-enactment - the fact they had copied it scene by scene. wow!!!

  2. I am a self confessed 'Gleek' and a huge Madonna fan, so this was gay heaven for me. The one thing about Glee which distracts me is that they clearly write story lines to fit around songs and not find songs that fit story lines. But that is only a slight niggle, the big numbers in the show always give me a chill, despite that fact they are clearly way over produced. Loved 'Like a Prayer' but they should have done the full 5 minute version as they do on the soundtrack.

    I know what you mean about the Vogue sequence, it could've had more funnies in it, but I agree with Roland, that fact they did it frame for frame was pretty impressive.