Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Bring Back Swamp Thing

I'm Vampired out! I just can't keep up with all these bloodsuckers in the media. True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Moonlight, Blood Ties, Buffy, Angel - and that's just TV. Then of course there's those Cullens from the Twilight series. You can't avoid Twilight if you tried. The films images appear everywhere and on everything. Did you know you can get Twilight condoms and bandages? No, neither did I. Oh, and for the more obsessive female fan - Edward Cullen Panties. We've even had Lesbian Vampire Killers. Fortunately no one saw them and they can now be found in DVD bargain bins.

What will producers come up with next . I mean It's just a matter of time before The Muppets get in on the action and become fanged furry blood fiends. When does it all stop, this Vampire stuff. You know who I feel sorry for . . . Swamp Thing. Yes, Swamp Thing. It's occurred to me that producers in TV and Film are somewhat monster-phobic towards Swamp Thing. Favoring fangs over the big green guy and his vine leaf infected body. Poor old Swamp Thing. He's been getting absolutely no press - no screen time whatsoever because these Vampires are taking it all up. I think it's about time Swamp Thing get's his moment in the spotlight.

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