Monday, 26 April 2010

Glee: The Power Of Madonna

Full Track Listing
1. Express Yourself
2. Borderline / Open Your Heart
3. Vogue
4. Like a Virgin
5. 4 Minutes
6. What It Feels Like for a Girl
7. Like a Prayer

Today is a very special Monday. The day when Glee & Madonna merge on one CD. This collection of brilliant Madonna covers also provides the soundtrack for tonight's Glee episode on E4 at 9pm. Simply titled Glee: The Power Of Madonna, this EP contains just seven tracks. Eight if you download it from iTunes. Not one for downloading - I rushed out to get my copy, then rushed home and threw it on my player . . . and OH! what a fun romp through Madonna's back catalogue this is. The instrumentation and arrangements are similar to Madonna's original songs, and will have you singing and dancing along. The best songs on the album are those featuring Lea Michele (Rachel) and Jonathon Groff (Jesse) - Express Yourself and Like A Prayer. I absolutely love Lea's voice. It's pop-perfect in a Kylie kind of way. Borderline / Open Your Heart and Like A Virgin are stand out singles that again are powered by Lea's lush vocals. Vogue, 4 Minutes and What It Feels Like For A Girl are nothing more than average album fillers sung by the less prominent cast members of the Glee cast. All in all, as far as covers goes, this is a pretty good collection that will sit nicely amongst your CD collection. Keep on Gleeing!

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