Thursday, 29 April 2010

Fish, Flaxseed & Me

I spent last night at my friend Simone's flat in London. We had a lot of cooking and catching up to do. Simone's a qualified nutritional therapist, one of the best in my opinion. Seeing as I have a keen interest in nutrition and health, getting together with Simone always means I get lots of helpful advice regarding my diet. I could listen to her talk diet for hours. I told Simone that I'd been feeling rather bloated lately, clogged up. What I got was a rather educational lecture regarding the digestive system - telling me to cut certain things out of my diet, and implement some news foods into my daily grassing habits. Apparently I eat too many sugars. According to Simone I need to cut these out along with dairy. This information was presented to me while she whirled round the kitchen like a tornado preparing me a delicious meal (see attached Images for Simone's fine meal) of dill and lemon trout. She served me this fine fishy with a heaping of cinnamon seasoned couscous. DELICIOUS! . . . with a glass of wine of course.
The next morning before I set off, Simone had prepared a rather special drink for me. A glass of flaxseed that had been soaking in water over night. The flaxseed had expanded and formed a jelly around it, a bit like frogs eggs. Simone told me it wasn't going to taste that nice and that I should swallow it quickly (COUGH!) - it would help keep me regular throughout the day and provide me with lots of lovely Omega-3. So I swallowed like a trooper! Something tells me I might regret this later in the day.

P.S. If you'd be interested in talking nutrition and finding out more about Simone's flaxseed Omega-3 powered drink go to her website

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