Friday, 30 April 2010

Foiled Cat!

While my digestive problems have all settled, thanks to Simone's flaxseed drink, the same can not be said for my little cat Gizmo. He and his brother Mylo are Siamese, highly intelligent and very ambitious when it comes to getting what they want. When I stepped through the door after my visit with Simone I found Gizmo sheepishly hiding in the bedroom munching on a large ball of tin foil that I had cooked a chicken in some few days earlier. Upon investigation, it was evident, by the tipped over bin, that he and Mylo had managed to drag it out. Where upon I found Gizmo in the bedroom shredding up the foil and licking his chops with great satisfaction. Silly cat! Within hours he was eviscerating bits of tin foil all over the carpet. I have spent most of the day chasing after him, cleaning up vomit-foil blobs. Not easy when you are low on carpet cleaner. The poor little fella is now looking at me through very sorry eyes. I wonder if feeding him flaxseed will clear out his stomach of all that foil?

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