Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Mixed Tape

The days of making mixed tapes for your friends are well and truly over. I blame all this new technology, the iPod in particular. All these advancements in music technology are taking the fun and passion out of sharing your musical tastes with your friends. What I mean is - you can't make a mixed iPod and then hand it over to your best mate for keeps, due to syncing, and at a cost of a £120 that would be one expensive collection to give away. I really miss making mixed tapes for friends, sitting for hours riffling through LP's and cassette's, selecting your favorite songs, cuing and recording them in perfect sequence on another cassette tape, then writing out all the artists and songs on the back of the index card. Making mixed tapes was the one and only geeky thing I ever did. There was just something kind of exciting about making that right mix, that perfect tape. It wasn't so much about finishing it, but making it. I accepted the CD as a new recording device when it arrived, but it just wasn't the same. Moving 80 minutes of music into a playlist and burning them onto a CD in about ten minutes . . . well, it was just too easy, quick and no longer fun. So the mixed tapes are no more. I suppose the good thing about the demise of the mixed tape, is that my friends, will no longer be getting twelve inch remixes of Betty Boo, Black Box and Snap! from me.

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