Thursday, 29 July 2010

Here's Grace!

My prayers have been answered. Finally! The worst horror film of all time is getting a DVD release here in the UK. Vamp is finally about to see the light of day. Released in theaters way back in 1986, Vamp quickly evaporated after appearing briefly on VHS tape. The demise of VHS and Vamp's notoriety as one of the worst Horror films ever made left it without any distribution when DVD came into popularity. Thanks to Arrow Films that's all about to change. So what if Vamp is really, really, REALLY bad. It's so bad it's wonderful! It stars Grace Jones . . . and any film with Grace automatically goes up in my estimation, A View To A Kill for example. So what's Vamp about? Vampires of course. A group of college boys visit a downtown nightclub, unaware it's run by flesh eating vampires. They soon find themselves fighting for their survival and battling Katrina (Jones) a fierce Queen Vampire and the clubs provocative hostess. All they need to do is survive until the sun comes up, like all teens battling vampires. Interestingly, Grace had long time friend and popular artist Keith Haring (Above right) provide many of her costumes, including, painting her body with his trademark Aboriginal influenced graffiti art - for what has to be the most jaw dropping, laugh out loud, interpretive dance number ever choreographed, possibly by Paula Abdul. Grace Jones in a bright red wig wearing nothing but body paint, wiggling around on a huge white plastic hand! Surly that's enough to make you want to get a copy of Vamp when it's released this winter on DVD, NO?

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