Saturday, 17 July 2010

Chantal Biya . . . The First Lady of Drag!

. . . and my second favorite first lady after Michelle Obama is ? ? ? . . . Chantal Biya! Other wise know as the first lady of Cameroon. Although, 'THE First Lady of Drag' is probably a more befitting title for Mrs Biya and her crazy-ass fuckin' hair - either the work of a creative genius or one SADISTIC hair dresser. Regardless, I'm currently loving Chantel and her clothing of many colors, fiesta fashion. I mean what's not to love about Chantal? She's always smiling through poorly applied lipstick. Her eyebrows resemble caterpillars. She has revived shoulder pads and loves vintage jewelry from the 1980's. Her nails are press-ons. She campaigns tirelessly for HIV/AIDS charities and she hangs out with Paris Hilton. Basically she's a Drag Queen . . . and one fuckin' fabulous first lady. All hail the first lady of Cameroon ♥

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