Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Three's Company I ♥ You!

Who here remembers the brilliant American sitcom Three's Company? It aired from 1977 to 1984 and was a remake of the British sitcom Man About The House, It was hugely successful, more so than the original British version. In fact it was a massive show back in the day and still remains incredibly popular on major networks in North America as re-runs. BOY! do I miss it. I absolutely loved Three's Company. People think of Friends as the ultimate sitcom about flat sharing when in fact Three's Company arrived long before and satires roommates so much better . . . and way funnier. Three's Company revolved around the lives of THE best housemates EVER. There was Janet Wood (Joyce DeWitt) the uptight brunette, Chrissy Snow (Suzanne Summers) the ditzy blonde bimbo and the infamous Jack Tripper (the sadly deceased John Ritter) the womanizing chef. Each episode followed the now legendary trio as they struggled to keep up with the rent. Wild escapades, hijinks and the trio's constant misunderstandings (usually of a sexual nature) provided us with some of the most memorable comical moments in American television. Three's Company remains a rather special show in American television history and I'm gutted we can't get it here in the UK in re-runs or on DVD for that matter. Mind you, after a few glasses of wine and my credit card by my computer, I tend to get sentimental about such things and end up buying the lot on Amazon and eBay. I did find this wonderful fan website should you want to stroll down memory lane, or learn more about this fantastic American sitcom.

Three's Company Fan Page -

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