Friday, 23 July 2010

Madonna Revisited

There are some magazine covers and spreads you just have to look at over and over again, and Madonna's 1991 shoot for Vanity Fair is one of them. Photographed by long time collaborator Steven (Like A Virgin album Cover) Meisel, Madonna was now in the Vogue phase of her career, a look that suited her well. She was OH SO incredibly breathtaking channeling Marilyn Monroe with her bleached blonde bob and fur stole, a look we first got a glimpse of in her Material Girl music video. Why this cover worked so well, was down to both Madonna's understanding and passion for Hollywood glamour from the silver screen. Meisel was the man with the camera who could put Madonna in this setting, the translator of it all. With Vanity Fair, both photographer and muse produced something utterly captivating and everlasting. I never tire of looking at Madonna's 1991 Vanity Fair issue. It really is a collectors edition for so many reasons, but ultimately, it's the woman herself we are drawn to. I think I have many Madonna issues of Vanity Fair tucked away safely somewhere. I think it's about time I get them out, as it's nice to look back at beautiful things from the past.

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