Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Best Worst LP Covers!

There have been some truly shocking LP covers produced back in the days of vinyl. I found these gems while looking at another blog dedicated to the truly worst album covers ever made. My three favorites, the LP covers that shocked or made me laugh the most. There's the down right camp, heavy metal band ManOwar's "Antholgy". Sporting mullets, clenched fists and moody pouts this quartet apparently had such hits as "All Men Play On 10" (I'm guessing that's NOT inches) and "Metal Warriors". Sadly, ManOwar didn't make caveman leatherwear fashionable. The scariest LP cover award would have to go to Heino's "Liebe Mutter" which translates to "Dear Mother" (for those of you that don't speak German). Had Hitler succeeded in winning the war and creating his pure aryan race, then Heino and his nightmare inducing face, creepy glasses and bouquet of red roses, would have been the model from which the master race would have been created from. Finally! What can I say about The Faith Tones? Well, this LP cover just makes me laugh . . . out loud. The Irony in it all. These three bouffant beauties would have a hard time getting a convicted rapist to use them, let alone Jesus (That's him on the cross and NOT Madonna's Brazilian lover). What are your thoughts on these LP covers?

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  1. Sooo funny! I work in a charity shop and can identify with hideous album covers (and knitting patterns, yours are about the worse I've seen though :)