Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Disenchanted World of Pascal Bernier

As most of you know I'm a massive lover of art and I've just discovered a wonderful artist thanks to the Saatchi online gallery, a site I often visit. My artist of the moment is Pascal Bernier. This Belgium born and based artist is both a sculptor and writer. Most of his work plays with the ongoing theme of human and animal relationships and is a social commentary about game hunting and what becomes of the animal’s body after it is killed. Bernier uses and manipulates different representations of animals to take a light-hearted and detached look at social behavior. I have many favorite pieces in his collection and am slightly obsessed with his Tableau de Chasse 1 (above), a deer in make-up and a wig. His work Bad Brain (above right), a skull with life like eyes and covered in colorful confetti, is also some what captivating, if not creepy. If you want to see more of Pascal's work check out the links below.

Pascal Bernier Website -
The Saatchi Gallery Online -

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