Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Kylie's All The Lovers

Well the wait is over boyz & girlz. Kylie's All The Lovers music video had it's premiere today. It features a selection of beautiful people stripping down to their underwear and making out on the street. They then gather and form a mound of human flesh with the Aussie singer floating on top. A rather simple concept I'd say.
The music video is directed by Joseph Kahn and was filmed outside Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. Right then, so what do I think of Kylie's new work . . . Well, I'm afraid I'm not feeling Kylie's new song, nor am I loving the video. It's all a bit Body Language for me, Slow and Chocolate come to mind. Kylie doing melodic chillout is like Madonna doing rap. I've never liked Kylie doing breathy vocals and wish she'd get back to doing more dance orientated pop like Wow, Spinning Around, and Love At First Sight. This is the Kylie I love and know. I do hope there are some pop gems forthcoming off her new album Aphrodite, due out July 5. If not, poor Kylie could have another Impossible Princess on her hands. You can watch All The Lovers below.


All The Lovers is released June 13th on Digital Download, and June 28th on 2xCD

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