Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A Clinique Day

I just had to blog about Clinique men's range of products as I was using their face scrub this morning. I always feel so fresh and cleansed after washing my face with Clinique products and my face thanks me for it after. I can almost hear my pores cheering the moment I lather up my hands in the shower. What I like about Clinique's face scrub is that it's dry to the touch, not oily. It's extremely controllable and actually quite effective. It's designed for all skin types, which works well with my rather delicate skin, and most importantly it leaves me feeling wonderful. I loved my Clinique scrub down this morning, so much so that I think I'm going to have a day of Clinique pampering this weekend. Glass of champagne in the bath tub, the full Clinique range, followed by a face mask and huge Cadbury's milk chocolate bar . . . WHAT? My pores are allowed some vices. Check out Clinique's full range of products for men below.

Clinique For Men

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