Wednesday, 9 June 2010

More Girl Power Please

Have you noticed the lack of female superheroes on film as of late? Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Miss America and Barbarella - why have these kick-ass women not been resurrected and adapted for the big screen? Do producers feel movie going audiences wont pay to see these women fight evil and save the world, are female superheroes just not bankable. Okay, so 2004's Catwoman starring Hallee Berry might not be the best example and case as to why we need more female superheroes on our movie screens, but at least it got the greenlight from Hollywood and eventually made it into theaters around the globe. Which is more than can be said about the above mentioned. No backing, no script, no post production. Nothing! Not one kick-ass female superhero to karate chop her way through cinema screens over the last six years.

Girls can kick-ass too you know! Look at Lady Gaga with all her rubber latex costumes, all she needs is the cape. Surly 'Girl Power' hasn't evaporated with the Spice Girls careers. How I miss the good ol' days of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, cracking her lasso of truth and crossing her golden wrist cuffs. Carter was 'Girl Power' long before we even knew what it stood for, and long before the Spice Girls mentioned it. Surly a return to the big screen for Wonder Woman would be a hit. Okay, so poor Lynda Carter wouldn't be cast as the glamazon today, as she would be deemed way too old by Hollywood standards. But why not Megan "Lips" Fox or Scarlett "Bigger Lips" Johansson - perfect casting with the glamour of Sex & The City and the action of Iron Man that has to be a wining formula. If only I had real super powers of my own, I'd bring them all back . . . then I'd steal their capes and heeled boots and admire myself in a full length mirror. I'd look gorgeous, of course.

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