Saturday, 12 June 2010

Haute Couture For Cats

People wear clothes, not cats! I recently came across some photos online of some furry felines in wigs and silly hats, dressed in shawls, lace and ridiculous ball gowns. Costumes created and sold by Tokyo’s Takako Iwasa are in high demand amongst the truly devoted cat lover. Yep! The nation that manufactures more cars, TV's and stereos than any other also leeds the way in Cat costumes. Only the Japanese, a nation obsessed with Hello Kitty could conceive and market such a ludicrous idea to the masses. This is cute for the deranged. Iwasa-san as she is known to her website visitors around the world, launched her cat costumes online in 2000. Her site features outrageous costumes for cats. She has built up a massive customer base through word of MEOW online. At one stage, she was actually selling her crazy cat costumes at the Parisian Printemps department store in the Tony Ginza commercial center in Tokyo . . . and, SHE SOLD OUT! As many of you already know, I'm a cat owner, of two Siamese - but never, would I ever, consider dressing them up and parading them around in the name of cute.

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