Sunday, 6 June 2010

Nuns On The Run

Isn't it funny, the things we sometimes see? Today as I was cleaning the bedroom, running around with a hoover like a madman, I paused, when I heard a house alarm go off across the street. I did what any nosey person did, I rushed over to the window and carefully peered through the curtains, not wanting to get noticed of course. What did I see? Well, I've posted a snap from my camera (above) of two Nuns fleeing from the scene. It seems god's little helpers accidentally set off a house alarm. Frustrated, unable to turn it off, they hopped in their car with a black bag and sped off. Not one to cast aspersions, especially on Nuns, I was left wondering - did they burgle the place, and what was in the black bag? Maybe I should just stick to my household chores and assume they were moving a huge portrait of Cliff Richard and his entire CD back catalogue . . . as Nuns on the run do.

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