Thursday, 3 June 2010

Own Gwen Stefani For Just £4

I ventured into a toy store today thinking of a Federico Fellini quote. The great auteur once said, "We should never loose our childish enthusiasm" - and with that in mind, I wondered around the toy store fondly reminiscing over the toys I once played with. From Star Wars figures to Hot Wheels, I couldn't help but smile as I picked them up looking over the slick packaging. I soon found myself in an aisle full of dolls and an assortment of girls toys, there was My Little Pony, Polly Pocket and Barbie, all of which I played with in secret but were owned by my sister. But there it was, at the top of a shelf, a doll I never played with. A Gwen Stefani doll. Yep even Gwen has a doll made of herself. Although these dolls looks more like Myra Hindley and less like Gwen Stefani to me. The proof can be seen in the photo I took above. Now I remember the Spice Girls dolls, I even remember the Wonder Woman doll . . . but the Gwen Stefani doll! I had no idea such a doll even existed. Anyway, If you're interested in a Gwen Stefani doll the good news is she's been reduced from a whopping £16 to a mere £4 - BARGAIN! Now if you're wondering if I brought one, well . . . you'll have to check my toy box.

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