Friday, 25 June 2010

Lolo's Bouncy Castle

I was up writing quite late the other day, suffering writers block, and distracted by the temptation of turning on my television. So I did, and ended up laughing my head off watching Lolo Ferrari bouncing up and down on a bouncy castle with her gargantuan boobs. Watching Lolo try and balance herself on a bouncy castle while two muscled Germans in neon thongs catapulted her into the air was nothing short of comedy genius, and damn funny. This of course is a repeat of Eurotrash, the Channel 4 cult hit in which Lolo often appeared. Sadly poor Lolo passed away in 2000 at the age of 37 from induced suffocation. Yep! Death by boobies . . . well suffocation as a result. A tragic loss, especially as I was quite fond of Lolo and her choppy French accent. Lolo Ferrari was a truly BIG star in the making even after her bouncy castle burst.