Sunday, 27 June 2010

Moose Without A Leg To Stand On

Don't you just love a bargain? . . . and when one comes your way, it's just fantastic. Now then, I've had this fabulous Moose, yes Moose, lamp shade. Unfortunately, I don't have a stand for it. Me and my partner had been admiring an ornate black lamp stand at B&Q. However, we only wanted the stand and not the lamp shade, a lamp stand for my Moose shade. The whole thing cost a whopping £90, a bit much seeing as we only wanted part of it. So, we just left it and kept walking past it every time we dipped into B&Q. But then . . . A MIRACLE! On a B&Q trip the other day we spotted one last black lamp, reduced to just £30, the range had now been deleted. BARGAIN! Now my Moose lamp shade has something to look fabulous on. What do you think?


  1. Hi There, I know this post is fairly old now, but i was wondering where you bought the moose lamp shade from?


  2. Hi Richard,
    I'm trying to find a matching moose shade, I have one exactly like yours, I got it from a shop called Home Sense unfortunately they have none left. Where did you get yours from ?